The Tin Man’s favorite music video of all time…

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Rainy Day Women

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Thumbs Up!

I don’t know what it is about getting stuck in the same place for too long that gets me wallowing around in the shit and depression… but I’m getting the itch again to run around a bit.  Wonder where the next destination is going to be? Maybe I can get some inspiration from this rad artist/road warrior David Choe


Also be sure to check out his latest film, Dirty Hands – The Art and Crimes of David Choe.

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Excuse Me While I Kiss The Sky

Back in the paincave…

Gotta love this at the end of East Bound & Down.

Then from the man behind that jam… Here he is talking about his first meeting with the mystical Clutchy Hopkins… who is that guy anyways?!

Continuing with the retarded fun in masks, here’s two insane artists from the collective over at Zerofriends butchering my childhood memories all for the sake of their upcoming show in LA.

Anyways, since we’re apparently reliving this misled child’s earlier days… Wayne. Garth. Take us out.

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This song just dropped and I really can’t get enough of it.  Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire… never heard of him, but the song and remix are sounding dope.  It’s good to see Despot still holding it down along side Das Racist and Danny Brown… All of whom are doing a late show at the 930 Club this Saturday.  Then El-P kills it, complete with Killer Mike just pointing an AK at his head… can’t wait for their full length collab coming up.  AND Company Flow is all live this weekend up in New Jersey for “All Tomorrow’s Parties,” with everyone from Portishead, to Public Enemy, Peanut Butter Wolf, and even the Ultramagnetic MC’s… note to self, drive up there this weekend. So anyways, HUZZAH!

And then just because the video reminded me of some more rawness from earlier this year, gotta throw this in, and make some speakers rattle…

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From the wild mind of a fellow Terrapin, Jim Henson… who oddly enough looks exactly like my dad. Wonder how I should file that memory…

Saw this over at disinformation.

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Thought this was funny… Thank you Exile, 4TRK Mind worked for me! Check out more classics like Radio and Below the Heavens over at Dirty Science.

4TRK Mind Commercial #1 from Dirty Science on Vimeo.

Good thing Exile came through, because I was “obviously dead bent, and spent every red cent.”

Is it just me, or is this video loop insane?

Anyways, who knows, maybe my luck will change if I make to The Stepkids show tonight with The Horrors over at the Black Cat.

Also, be sure to check out their horror inspired mixtape over at Stones Throw… perfect to get in the mood for Halloween.  The horror… the horror.

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