Mescaline memories…

After riding horses up to the top of this sacred mountain, where the natives make a pilgrimage miles across the desert, collecting peyote, and then climb up for weeks of shamanistic rituals and celebrations… to taking an insane Jeep ride down the cliffs of the mountain and into the desert… where I wound up here…

…a ghost like town by the name of Wadley.  When we first rolled through, we had no idea where to go, but we quickly came across a group of young banditos who showed us the way.  Not knowing what to expect, all of these people were running around and acting insane… then they unveiled their treasure, that mystic button that’s scattered across the desert floor.  A group of homeless Mexicans, a Spaniard, a Frenchman, Mr. Cash, and I…. major language barriers aside, we all chilled out and connected over music, food (cactus fruit and peyote), and just being happy to be so far away from anything we knew… As this crazy gringo would say, we were where it was at.

After ingesting all sorts buttons, tea, and cactus fruit, we called it a night… to get up early to venture into the desert.  Then I woke up in the middle of the night tripping my balls off… all I saw in the roof of my room was shelves and shelves of records.  I saw this as a vision to follow my dream of collecting musical records… but then maybe it was the mystical “hall of records” containing all the information in the universe, or maybe was just high looking up at the ceiling.  Then the train barrels through this small ghost village… shaking everything, blasting it’s steam whistle… donkeys and chickens going completely apeshit… wild night.  Even going to the bathroom was an adventure, as I’d step out and be greeted with a candle and toilet paper… I would need these tools make it on my journey… to drop a deuce.

Then the morning came. Purchased a few bottles of water… not nearly enough we found out later.  Then started off into the desert, following this crudely drawn map.  Well the distances were either off or it was just wrong… we were walking for most of the day.  Sun beating down on us, almost to the point of tears we were so exhausted from trekking through this wasteland, thinking we found something, then turns out to be nothing… then Mr. Cash yells out, “I’ve found it!” We start finding it all over… those mystical buttons sitting about an inch off the ground.  Cut a few of them up… see some offerings to the gods where some fellow pilgrims took some.  Eat ’em, vomit, pass out… eat a few more… this is all happening as the sun is setting.  The colors… grand purple mountains majesty far off in the distance, orange desert, deep blue sky with streaks of color across, and then the stars start to come out.  We venture back to this little oasis we passed on the way in where goat herders would bring their livestock to drink.  Lying next to this little pond, by a grand old tree, in a patch of grass in the middle of nothing.  We were chilling on the only thing living in that sea of death.  That was the first time I saw the Milky Way Galaxy… strewn across the sky like spilled milk.  You could really see every star in the sky, which was reflected in the pond we were sitting next to… felt like we were floating in space.  The town where we were staying was just a faint flickering of lights miles away… every so often we see a streak of lights fly across the dessert with a distant horn sounding off as the lonely train spreads commerce to the far off civilizations.  We were miles and miles away from any sort of human contact rolling around in the dirt of Mexico, under the most magnificent sky of stars I had ever seen in my life… I was happy.

On the way back to our hut in the middle of the night… well that was fun.  The desert floor was fairly lit up from the moon and the stars… but still darker then a steer’s toucas on moonless prairie night… been dying to use that line.  As we were stumbling back, all we see is this little light following us.  Flying around, and always following us.  Was this a little fucking alien?!  One of the stars dropping in to see what condition my condition was in? Was it an insanely huge fucked up looking creature with a light in front like those crazy ass fish?  Who knew… I didn’t really care.  There was nothing else I could do besides keep walking towards our distant town… and if we did die, we were already in heaven among the stars.  I was feeling as calm as ever and it was fun coming up with completely ludicrous fucked up scenarios to scare my friend.  As it turned out, it was just a fellow traveler of the night trying to get home on his motorcycle in the middle of the desert.  Staying on the path for a few minutes before skidding off into the brush every now and then… as his figure emerged out of the darkness I knew we were back into reality and civilization… what a trip.

A testament to how far I had come since those dark days in the hospital.  Chilling with my best friends on the edge of the Earth at the fulcrum of the universe.  You can even see where space and time bent at that moment on the horizon.  Nothing else mattered at that point, we were at the center of it all.  We also may or may not have been tripping on some peyote tea…

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