Hot Sauce…

Not only is hot sauce the shit, and you can and should put it on anything and everything, but I’m glad to see the Beastie Boys are still representing it with a whole committee… because after all, they are “cool as a cucumber in a bowl of hot sauce.” Their new album is where it’s at… and it’s hilarious to see them coming full circle with their cameo crazy new video picking up after the Fight for Your Right video left off. The original came out around the time I was being born, and I’ve been a life long fan, so to see them still holding it down is pretty dope 25 years later. Another cool note is that MCA (Adam Yauch) directed the 30 min video below, rocked the new HotSauceCommitteePartTwo, and did all while battling through cancer. So props to Adam and the rest of the Beastie Boys for Fighting for Your Right (To Party) on so many levels.

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