To quote that movie, Hanna, “I missed your heart… BANG!”  Bang, bang, she shot me down… I fell hard for her.  Those big beautiful eyes that I saw the world in.  That smile and laugh, that I only dream about now.  That smart mind, caring heart, and adventurous mountain conquering spirit… that girl’s got it all.  Damn being an idealist sucks.  Hope is the worst, especially when it seems like nothing you do will change anything for the better.  Maybe she kept missing my heart because I don’t have one.  Maybe I just need to learn to love myself, and then I can muster up the strength to say “I love you” to someone else.

All lame shit aside, this track off of Aloe’s phenomenal LP, Good Things is a phenomenal cover to a phenomenal Velvet Underground song. Phenomenonmenonmenon…  The noir stylized video only adds to the feel.  Well Hannah, this next song’s for you…

Weird post…. on Stones Throw‘s website, just a day before I put this up, they posted the latest in their ongoing video contest.  Continues the feel… one says “Bye” the other, “Hi.”

J DILLA – Hi from jc morice on Vimeo.

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