Quebec and Back.

Frustrated as fuck. Time to run and be free… before life get’s the better of me.

Maybe it’s all the talk about hitting the road.  Maybe it’s the site I helped develop ( where a man’s biking across the country for the woman he loves while raising money for cancer research… maybe next time I can do a trip while raising funds and awareness for a good cause.  Maybe it’s those latest videos I put up that have that French feel.  Maybe I’ll catch that new Woody Allen film in Montreal, “Midnight in Paris” with a beautiful French Canadian woman.  Maybe I just need to take a long trip by myself to get my mind focused again.  Here’s to some me-time where I don’t have to worry about anyone else… brought to you by Busdriver, off his mind trip of an album, Jhelli Beam.

Passport: Check
Backpack of Clothes: Check
Book: Signal Fires – El Cine de Jim Cohen/The Cinema of Jem Cohen
Camera: Phone… ugh, need to just get one at that local camera shop
Heart: On my sleeve

What better way to spend Memorial Day… chill with friends, hop on a train, see the American Northeast, as I book it to Canada for a bit, and then bus it back down through the states.  There’s a lot of wars we’re heading in the Middle East right now.  It feels like Obama is rallying the troops now as he makes his rounds through Europe.  Our country needs help and rebuilding from all of these floods, tornadoes, unemployment, health insurance, etc, etc, etc… before we should be focusing on other shit.

Gil Scott-Heron passed away on Friday in New York.  Before my time, but anything real is timeless.  If the revolution won’t be televised, I’ll probably miss it… or I can get on the road and listen to what the people are saying.

I know this has been a weird rambling post.  I leave tomorrow. Have to be in New York on Thursday. Hopefully when I return home, where ever that is, I’ll be coming back to the girl I love… because that’s all that really matters.  This is one of those trips where you just don’t know where life will take you… not sure how many more of these I have left in me.  Let’s see what happens.

In the mean time I’m spinning Axis: Bold as Love and Bringing It All Back Home.

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