The Wave Crashed in Chicago…

Chicago was awesome.  Street festivals all weekend long.  Awesome hosts (thank you Omree Jesus Harel).  Good times, good people, all airbrushed on a collapsible easel (thanks Aesop Rock).  Don’t really have a whole lot to say other than the wave crashed there… alcohol and girls usually make that happen for me.  Now that I’m back I wish I kept riding it.  Photographers in New Zealand, bands in Australia, artists I wanted to see in Sao Paulo… that and million other things I wanted to check out in between.  In hindsight though, I probably would have been stranded half way across the globe… would that really have been that bad?  Well it’s still a dream to have that Endless Summer and ride the wave of energy around the world.  I felt the sharks closing in and decided it was best to actually plan a bit more before I paddle out for the next one… I just hate fucking planning.

I really did want to do it in the name of cancer research too… so in keeping with eating right from the motto of AICR

Some of the best deep dish pizza I’ve ever had…

And some broccoli for those cancer fighting antioxidants…

Chicago was also the first place I was exposed to the insane genius that is The Talking Heads: Stop Making Sense…

A song to ride out to on my next wave…

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