Monday Morning…

Something to eat your wheaties to…

9:30 Club. 8:00pm. 6:25:11. Dinosar Jr.  Should’ov been there!  DUDE! We were there!  Have you gone mental?!  …yeah the show was awesome.

I must admit, all I remembered from them was that 90’s DC 101 heyday classic… “Feel The Pain.”

…directed by Spike Jonze.  Who knew?

Apparently for this show, they were going to be playing their album, Bug, in it’s entirety.  Sounds cool, I should listen to that… (favorite songs, “They Always Come” & “Let it Ride”).  The man himself, Henry Rollins, is going to be interviewing them?!  Interesting concept, it could work!

The opening band, OFF! was insane… the lead singer was nuts, and I think Henry Rollins said he was the best singer in Black Flag? Was Dez his name? Did he come on after Rollins?  Was it White Flag instead?  Think it was Dez… again pretty awesome.  Then there was the interview part…  started off awkward and kind of slowed things down.  Rollins saved it though.  He was funny and gave a hard hitting interview cutting to the core of what Dinosaur Jr. was as a band.  Bug was their third album after starting out in 1984.  Damn, after 27 years, original line up back together, and still putting out music.

Then, the actual show.  Rollins warned that it would be LOUD… and it was.  They actually had a wall of sound, one of my dreams, with stacks of speaker cabinets and receivers from the floor to about 14ft in the air.  On top of that, strobe lights on every stack of speakers.  After that… smoke.  Then, huge towering treeple from the cover of their new album, Farm, marching across the backstage.
FarmCrunchy grunge.  Psychedelic guitar solos and light show.  J Mascis’ voice sounding like Neil Young.  This was an epic show.  Brought back 90’s grunge in all it’s epic glory.

Be sure to check out their new album.  Tin Man’s Two Thumbs Up Seal of Approval. Solid.

Probably my favorite track off the new album, and the video just speaks for it’s self…

…also, Dinosaur Jr. rocking with Del Tha Funkee Homosapien?!  Ahead of it’s time…

…is that Mike D on drums?!  Too much… and gotta check out Judgment Night.

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