Analog vs Digital…

Hope everyone’s 4th was patriotic as fuck and gotta blow things up.  For some reason I usually wind up on rooftops somewhere which is always where it’s at.  Rooftop, crabs, pool, fireworks… God bless America!

….anyways my brain is usually mush after a night of drinking, gotta love being an alcoholic.  So yesterday was spent spinning some records… one surprise was from Portland native, Roane Namuh with his OK Handsignal.  I knew him from the 360 Vinyl record shop, and aside from being a dope DJ apparently he makes some beats too.  I heard some online, thought they were alright, but then picked up the vinyl to show support, and it’s not every day that someone you know puts out an actual record… and damn, the beats are sounding nice!  Really, really, really chill sounds to lose some thoughts to… and it goes to show how much better the actual record sounds.  Records + MPC = OK with me.

Fuller, more realer… yeah went there, just put the needle on the record and let it ride… while you check out some dope cover art… which is actually where I was able to brush up on my fundamental economics by reading the back of the DC native Damu the Fudgemunk’s latest with Supply for Demand.  Cool beats, Damu repin DC, and shout outs to more local record shops that keep the scene alive… (Red Onion – used books, vinyl, and cassettes & SOM – still need to check this one out, apparently the owner is living the cream dream and makes trips to Brazil to bring back vinyl for the shop).  If you don’t know Damu by now, then you just don’t know… be sure to check out what’s been going on at his imprint, Redef Records.

Then some more rawness that kept me hitting the repeat button was the video for Company Flow’s “End to End Burners.”

Had no idea about this one, until I guess people were getting the word out about their sold out show coming up in New York.  Wish I was going, but I really wasn’t into the scene back when they were out in the late 90’s… mostly heard about El and them when Def Jux was blowing up in the early 00’s.  Still, it’s that energy, creativity, and rawness that I was feeling with punk and grunge rock back in the day… and in the words of El, “for writers with a Krylon image brain print, translate it, leave your name dripping from bricks.”

…which brings me to my next topic of discussion, one of my favorite artists, Blu.  You have probably seen his videos online, or at least I hope so, because his insane creative genius should make this stuff viral…

The Italian version of the site, Wired, posted up this 80 something minute documentary on the artist and his travels… be sure to waste a bit of your day on THIS.  I know you won’t complain… your boss maybe.

Then for some mixtape madness, I stumbled upon some more wacked out awesomeness from James Pants over here at Fact Mag.  I also found a copy of Waajeed’s (or should I say Jeedo’s) “Electric Street Orchestra” mix.  Be sure to pick one up.  On the back he talks about working with Dilla and Slum Village, traveling around Europe, and his influences for the mix by trying to blend the Detroit techno with Rock, Pop, and of course, Hip Hop… another reason why physical copies of music are so awesome.

Funny how Jack White was echoing this on the Colbert Report the other week too.

So I guess the whole point of this post was originally supposed to be about analog vs digital… well I think digital is an amazing way to share information and music. Hell, I wouldn’t be able to put up this retarded blog without it. With making music, it’s a great way to keep it organized and allows producers a whole new level of creativity. However, I still think it’s so much cooler when you can just make dopeness with no computers involved. We’ve gotten to a point where people just rely to heavily on that shit… and missing out on how fun it is to find records, hook up all kinds of instruments and stereo equipment into some ungodly voltronic formation, and then hit record on some tape deck and let magic happen. But then again, that shit will always be around because it’s real… it was made, it will be somewhere in someone’s basement, out in an alley, or hopefully at the local shop… you just gotta search, and that’s life, always searching. Real music’s gonna last, all that other bullshit is here today, and gone tomorrow. What’s real and what’s not?

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