The Tin Man came by headquarters the other day to play some records he found in the alley… and I hit record. The Man’s rusty from crying all these years, but the tunes are tasty nonetheless. I hooked it up with some oil I smuggled from the Mid East as a sign of gratitude, and maybe he’ll come back.  Hopefully he’s out there practicing and not rusted up in the woods somewhere.  So here’s some tunes tapped from Tin Man’s rusty taint…

Not only did I get to chill with the Tin Man, but DC Loves Dilla is going down tonight at the 9:30 Club.

Dilla Tribute

…so here’s a video for how I feel every time I throw on some Jay Dee…

On another note, not only will tonight be fun as hell, but the one and only Pharcyde will be coming live and direct as well.

…and to keep it going with that fishy feel, here’s one of my favorite jams of all time…

…not a Dilla production I know, just like the song.  Go get Labcabincalifornia for Dilla.  Now.  I also want to thank Slimkid3 for making my dream come true by hosting the only live DJ show I did out in Portland, OR for KBOO Community Radio along with Sesqui and Kez.  Drunk as fuck and bombed it so I’d never want to get on stage again…. but I managed to keep it together while he was there, and it was one the coolest nights ever.

See you all there!

…and now some words from Common.

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1 Response to TIN MAN TUESDAYS!

  1. tinman86 says:

    DC Love’s Dilla completely exceeded expectations by a looong shot… 20 piece band, DC’s finest musicians, all playing Dilla classics, then The Pharcyde came on and killed it… followed by an encore of this http://www.youtube.com/wat​ch?v=48OYTEZQR9U …930 club went nuts. Who knew this has been going on for 6 years?! Show the love next summer!

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