Beats, Rhymes & Life, Beatnik Beatles, and More Mixes

Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest.  I can’t recommend this documentary highly enough.  Be sure to go check out this amazing look into one of the greatest groups of all time.  The history, the break up, everyone they influenced, and oh yeah, the music.  The whole theater was nodding their heads, yelling out classic lines, and just enjoying this trip down memory lane.  Madlib and Peanut Butter Wolf also contributed music to the project… so you know it can’t get much more dope than that.  Michael Rapaport did a great job directing too… I was just watching True Romance the other day, that dude’s been in everything… so please stop buggin’ out and go see this in a theater near you, especially if you weren’t around to see the scene blow up when it did.

On top of the jazz, one of my favorite songs of all time… Buggin’ Out.  Now where’s my Dr. Pepper?

Talking about the greatest groups of all time, I came across this van in my local metro stop at Shady Grove, MD…

Beatnik Beatles

The Beatles were a pretty big group I guess you could say… but what was this route around the world?!

Well apparently this family has packed up their VW camper van, and are on their year-long-journey-of-a-lifetime-drive around the world from Strawberry Fields, Liverpool to Strawberry Fields, New York… all in the name of spreading the love of The Beatles and for charity?!  Wow, that’s pretty inspirational, especially since I’ve been dying to make that round the world trip.  Be sure to check out their website at, and show some support for this awesome adventure.  It also shows you that it’s never too late to make that trip… because tomorrow never knows.  But why Shady Grove, MD?! …I feel like I come across these things all the time …note to self, time to take TIN MAN ALLEY on the road.

In other breaking news, the Tin Man finally showed up and was able to brush some of that rust off his shoulders and hear some more of that raw ground wire hump with the beats that bump.  So on that note… here’s another shitty mix from the rusty Tin Man himself to rock out to this weekend…

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