Boombox Apocalypse

How dope is that?!  Aside from the cream dream collabo of DOOM/Ghostface with a tastey remix from Madlib… this is bringing back the cassette tape in full effect for rocking on those boomboxes powered by like 10 9V batteries.

Which got me thinking… remember those days when we’d just sit by the radio, waiting for that song to come on, with your fingers on record and pause? Yeah, me too.  I’m pissed because I have since lost all of those tapes I made back in the day, but I was relieved when I found some blank tapes and my trusty tape deck… now where to find that boombox to take Tin Man Alley to a local alley way by you?

Well here’s another weekly edition of Tin Man Alley Radio whether you like it or not… now if I only had a two turntables AND a microphone, this would be where it’s at…

Step 1: Record radio show.

Step 2: Record to tape.Record2Tape

Step 3: Label tape.

Step 4: Find boombox. Blast on block.

Step 5: Collect underpants.

Step 6: _____________

Step 7: Profit.

Step 8:


…and because Eugene McDaniels just recently passed away, let’s take a moment to chill out to this tune from Headless Heroes Of The Apocalypse, and have it ride out like the end of so many Tribe Called Quest songs…

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