First up, we have an awesome documentary on the Minutemen.  My friend put me on to this, and it really was rad film.  Telling the tale of the band from their childhood meetings, to putting out the second release for the infamous SST Records, to the untimely death of singer / guitarist D. Boon.  Filled with great interviews from Henry Rollins, Flea, Ian MacKaye, and the two surviving members of the band.  Combining their influences of P-Funk bass lines with Creedence rock riffs into the mold of punk music… you couldn’t define these guys, they rocked. Epitome of the DIY attitude, and an interesting line in the movie was how the band thinks we should be setting up record labels and studios on every other block in the neighborhood… working on it.  D. Boon was larger than life, and I still can’t believe how a man so big could leap around the stage like that.  So be sure to check this out, it’s streaming on Netflix, and learn about the hugely influential band that brought us tunes like this…


And now for some mixes to take you through the rest of the work week…

To start things off, we have some more dope stylings from DJ Roane with Yesterdusk… on ultra-VIOLET cassette no less.  You can find this over at


Next up, I stumbled upon a nice one from the one and only Beat Junkie himself, J Rocc over at FACTmag… with bits of his latest album, Some Cold Rock Stuf, sprinkled throughout.


Finally, we have another helping of tasty tunes from Tin Man Alley…

…if only we could just start streaming this music for some live internet radio.  Any ideas on how to do this?


Now for your viewing pleasure, we will be screening a B-movie double feature tonight at the Alley Headquarters.  Films from the Beta days…

Parents is our first feature, telling a nice story set in pleasant 1950’s suburbia.  Where a boy discovers his parents’ idyllic lifestyle may be hiding a dark secret – namely, what is in the “leftovers” they keep chowing down on every night?  Or rather, who?  Starring Randy Quaid in one of his best roles, and not to be missed.  Perfect movie to follow up that nice romantic dinner.


Next, we have another offering from the people over at Troma who blessed the world with award winning films like The Toxic Avenger and Redneck Zombies.  This time we have Leroy’s Mama taking down a gang of surfing Nazis in, Surf Nazis Must Die.  Tasty waves, cheesy violence, bodacious boobs, and filled with the top notch acting that we’ve come to expect from the Troma studios…


…and now your moment of zen, with deep thoughts from Kool Keith…

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