Time For The Medicine

El-P-DronesOverBKLYNFirst up, we’ve got the latest from El the Don Digital with, ‘drones over BKLYN,’ for the Adult Swim Singles Project.  Those crazy cartoon dudes over at Willams Street always drop the awesomeness when it comes to music, with previous releases like Chrome Children and Definitive Swim, so don’t sleep… especially with singles from the likes of the Tallest Man On Earth and Mastodon.

Hopefully this is a taste of things to come for his follow-up to 2007’s I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead, tentatively titled, Cancer for Cure.  While we are talking about El-Producto tracks, it was pretty cool to hear the Cassettes Won’t Listen remix to Flyentology blasting through the speakers of Jesse’s crack house in this past week’s “Breaking Bad.”  On that note, here’s the video for the original version…

And because that was on the [adult swim] compilation, Definitive Swim, here’s probably my favorite [adult swim] bump featuring music from Flying Lotus’ latest, Cosmogramma.

While staying out there in the galaxy, here’s a new video straight out of a poisonous and condemned power plant from your favorite Baron Zen, with “Ghetto Galaxy” off his latest EP, Electrick Surgery.

Man, I could sure use some medicine after getting out of that power plant…  Oh, thanks Madlib!  Here’s a taste of the latest in Madlib’s year long extravaganza known as the Madlib Medicine Show.  After taking us through jazz, dub, psych, disco, soul, and his very own kind of hip-hop… he’s bringing it back to basics for his last? installment Raw Medicine... a mean collection of new raw remixes from the Bad Kid himself.

And because time is on my side after waiting over a year for all of the medicine shows to come out, here’s a quality video for Oddisee’s “The Blooming,” off his recent Odd Seasons.

It’s cool to see how world wide this music is… the maker’s of this video, Belgium’s ZBS Studio, actually reached out to Mello Muisc Group for permission to do a video for Oddisee’s “The Blooming”… no matter what your color or creed, music is all you need.

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1 Response to Time For The Medicine

  1. tinman86 says:


    After all this talk about Adult Swim… none of that would exist on the airwaves today if it weren’t for my childhood favorite cartoon, The Ren & Stimpy Show. Nickelodeon put this on 20 years ago on August 11, and severely warped my impressionable mind. Thank you, John Kricfalusi (http://johnkstuff.blogspot.com/)! So with that being said, cheers to 20 years, and here’s a nice mash up of Ren losing his mind to a Pixies classic…

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