Bring Your Posse, Bring Your Crew

Attack The Block

I recently had the privilege of attending a free screening of Joe Cornish’s, Attack the Block, and all I gotta say is, damn.  This movie is awesome.  Funny script, good music, nice tension, and of course, bad ass gorilla wolf motherfucking aliens.  I couldn’t have asked for more.  These aliens are probably the best monsters to come along in a quite a while, and provide some gnarly kills and scares.  The young rag tag gang that set out to kill ’em all will also have you laughing through out with their cheeky humor.  Don’t mess with Souf London, believe.  If you thought Nick Frost and the movie, Paul, was just alright… do yourself a favor and go see this.  It rocks on so many levels.  The producers of Shaun of the Dead come through again with this gem, that seemingly came out of nowhere.


One of my favorite artists, Alex Pardee, was so blown away by this film that he made some rad artwork for it just for fun… so you know this is a beast of a flick.  The above poster is just sick, and if that doesn’t make you want to go see it immediately, I don’t know what will.  He even made a new edition to his grotesquely awesome series, “My Favorite Monsters,” with this latest installment…


On a related foreign creature feature note, Norway came through with another refreshingly awesome horror flick, The Troll Hunter.  Part Blair Witch, part massive monster madness… couldn’t think of the last Godzilla-like movie I’ve seen recently.  These trolls are actually quite frightening, especially when they are lurking about in the woods when you don’t know what’s out there.  So go get stoned like a troll, don’t believe in God… they can smell that, stop trolling message boards, and go see this wild ride through the Norwegian country side.

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