Having a celebration to stay high…

Seemed appropriate to get things started off for today, August 25th…

Even the animals are getting down to the world wide dopeness that is Count Bass D, who’s newest album, Full Count, just dropped I believe.  Keep it tuned… Count beats, Count rhymes.  Staying on that animal ish… Lord Quas comes correct in this video that came in at #4 for the Stones Throw video contest.  Be sure to check out the rest of these fantastic fan videos for some of your favorite classics.


In other news, I just learned that, Robert Breer, experimental animation pioneer, died at the age of 84 on August 11th.  His style was ahead of his time in the 1950’s, and you can see his influences in everyone from Monty Python to MTV.  I found out about this over at disinformation, and needless to say, I was pretty blown away…

…although there is no audio for the visuals, the new Danny Brown ‘XXX’ mixtape was slamming through the speakers while I was watching this… gnarly sync up, and here’s probably my favorite track off the album, because “bullseye, my eyes tie dyed, fried off the same shit that rockstars died…”

I first heard about this dude outta Detroit from the song “Dilla Bolt vs. The Hybrid” off of Dilla’s posthumous album ‘Jay Stay Paid,’ then later off his mixtape, ‘The Hybrid,’ and he’s always sounding raw… so be sure to cop the rest of the free ‘XXX’ tape over at Fool’s Gold Records.

Then for some more mixtape madness, I stumbled on a nice one from the most underrated, K-Def, over at 2DopeBoyz.  His latest smoked out 45 that I featured earlier just came to headquarters, and it has seriously been on constant rotation.  With such a unique catalog from working with major players in the game like Marly Marl, Ghostface, and Lords of the Underground, you know this is going to sound nice.  Cop the mix here, and get reacquainted with K-Def, because solid production is his function.

K-Def Most Underrated

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