Hey Morgan, can I get a litte of that organ?

ThundercatI want to say don’t believe the hype, but damn, Thundercat’s new album, The Golden Age Of The Apocalypse, is sounding niiiicccceee… and it’s FINALLY here!  Taking it back to the funked out space vibes of George Duke, or the jazzy sound of Roy Ayers, this Suicidal Tendencies bass player is bringing that other worldly soul into the future.  Produced by fellow Brainfeeder, the one and only Flying Lotus, you know it’s certified fresh.  Dropping tomorrow, August 30th, be sure to pick it at the local shop… but in the meantime, stream the album in it’s entirety over HERE!


Blu - NoYork!

In other news, Blu was distributing his new album, NoYork!, during the Rock The Bells tour.  Without support from his label, Warner Bros (rumors?), he was fine leaking it on the net.  If you’re feeling it though, like I’m sure you will, be sure to show some support and purchase the album when it is officially released.  It’s got a nice spacey vibe that seriously bumps, keeping with that Thundercat joint up above.  Feauting some heavyweights like U-God, Sa-Ra, Flying Lotus, Exile, Edan, and Madlib… you can’t go wrong.  Download it over here…

The album art is is nice as well… pyramids, New York flooding, Snoop?  That scene with New York flooding is pretty intense.  Makes me wonder what it will take before America stops sending all of our resources over seas, and starts focusing on rebuilding our own home.

Probably my favorite track off the album… Blu, Edan, AND Madlib all on one jam?!


This just got me thinking about how badly Edan and Paten Locke need to roll through DC.  I was fortunate enough to catch the stream of their show and Echo Party film screening at the Someday Lounge (every Thursday night throw a dope Hip Hop DJ show called, The Fix) in Portland, OR this past Thursday, and it was probably one of the most insane shows I’ve seen in quite awhile… and I think the only one I actually watched the whole way through on a stream.  Damn I wish I was still living out in Portland.  Be sure to GO if they come through your town… effects, turntablism, raw rhymes, visuals, guitars?! I could go on and on, but here’s just a taste of what’s keeping Hip Hop alive in 2011…

Is Edan cutting it up on the decks while he’s rapping?! No wonder he’s called “The Humble Magnificent.”

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