Fear Of A Stoned Planet

Buffalo Drive

I forget where I first met Señor Poncho Fabulash… or was is Nicko Dinero?  Years ago in the alleyways of Mexico, needless to say, was a crazy time in my life.  I wasn’t sober for most of it… filled up on mezcal and mescaline… and I don’t recall if this cat was real or just an astral projection from my subconscious getting beamed back down to me.  All I knew, was that he was my cosmic brethren… a fellow bandito traveling the same path on another worldly plane just south of the border.  Armed with only a drum set, an undying love of mota, and the teachings of Terence McKenna… this was one cool shamanistic cat, man.  Can ya dig?  My travels ended up taking me to different places in the world, and I have not seen or heard from this character in almost five years.

Then just the other day, out of nowhere, a crudely labeled CD gets slid under my door.  No knock, no sign of someone running away, just the CD, then nothing…  OK, that was weird, let’s hear what this sounds like.  Then it hits me.  I realize that these are some of the first recordings of Poncho Fabulash and Nicko Dinero… come to think of it, they might have been two different people, acting like one person, I never could tell.  Anyways, it sounds pretty fresh… cool beats, weird vibes, and lyrics to scratch your head to.  This ten minute mix apparently is just a taste of what the album is going to sound like, tentatively titled, Fear Of A Stoned Planet.  From what I can make out, the three tracks on here are, ‘Eros and the Eschaton,’ ‘Growers Mafia,’ and ‘Behind the Mask.’  This was all I could try and decipher from the scribbled on CD, with a language that seems like it was pieced together from four or more.  So without further ado, here’s just a taste…

I can’t get enough of the beat on the first track, and it reminds me of that Basement Jaxx song, ‘Where’s Your Head At.’  Love the video too, and it seems fittingly appropriate that the Terence McKenna mash-up would bring me here… I mean, he WAS the pioneer of the “stoned ape” theory of human evolution.

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