Mandatory 9/11 Post…

What else can be said that hasn’t been said before?  This 10 year anniversary marks a pretty horrible day in our history.  Personally, I was going through chemo therapy when the attacks happened.  So I guess in hindsight, I’ve beaten cancer since then, and Bin Laden is dead.  Yet we still live in a culture of fear.  Honestly, I’m not sure who we should be afraid of anymore.  Terrorists hijacked planes and turned DC and NY into war zones… two cities that I have to travel between today of all days.  I also seem to remember that 3 buildings fell in New York when only 2 were hit.  I’m happy that people are fighting for their freedom in the Middle East, but I’m still not sure how much involvement we should actually have over there.  Yes there’s oil, but there’s oil here too.  I feel that we should be focusing more of our time and resources into coming up with better solutions and rebuilding our own country before tearing down others half way across the globe.  Today should be spent with the friends and family we love most, and never forget the ones we’ve lost.

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