Aside from all the lame shittyness I had to deal with in New York this past weekend, I finally got to check out the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater.  Let me tell you, it was hilarious.  Lord knows why Comedy Central canceled this gem of a show, but I’m just glad that after 15 years, they are still doing ridiculous improv comedy… for free no less… although I did leave a donation in the “Bucket of Truth.”  Then, only to look inside that bucket and have pure, unadulterated Truth with a capital “T” get shot through my mind’s eye and into the depths of my soul… This left me quite frightened and confused, so I had to seek nurturing comfort in the “Hot Chicks Room.”  Anyways, along with the current crew, I was able to witness one of the founding members and SNL star, Horatio Sanz, preform along side Rob Riggle and the camera guy on the only show on right now that seems to be carrying the torch for warped sketch comedy, Jon Benjamin Has A Van… I think his name was Leo Allen.  But yeah, the show was insanity, and definitely the quality deranged sense of humor I wanted to see on September 11th.  So if you’re ever in the neighborhood of NYC or LA, don’t think, just go… They are also touring this year, and I believe they’re coming through my nape of the woods of DC in November.  Don’t think.

Since season 3 looks like it will never see the light of day on a proper DVD release, and the fact that there is a gnarly full harvest moon out tonight that makes me want to howl like “Wolfman Jack,” here’s a clip from one of my all-time favorite shows…

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