The Money Beets

A little something to get you through another day at the office…


Which is why the Tin Man had to pull his car over immediately, because you know how he likes his beats… served fresh with a side of heavy bass lines that bump, to make that hollow tin chest of his go thump, to the sound of that raw ground wire hump… so he remembers what it feels like to have a heart.  Needless to say, the Tin Man was quite relieved that he could stop crying when he stumbled upon this batch of “oddities, soddities, and heresies” from when James Pants thought he was going to be a rap producer.  This collection is sure to get any party going while these tunes are sifting through some speakers.  Be sure check out the free download over at Stones Throw, and while you’re there, cop the rest of his catalog with albums like Welcome, Seven Seals, and his latest James Pants… which has a rad Indian motorcycle on the back.

Pants Beats
…and now for the video that started it all and certified me as a James Pants fan… (note: turn up the bass)


He also puts on an insane live show with his band, Royal Zodiac, so you better be going if he ever comes through your town. I should know.  There’s me in the background of the Stones Throw ’09 tour in Portland, OR.

Stones Throw PortlandPeanut Butter Wolf, Mayer Hawthorne, Dam-Funk, and of course James Pants & Royal Zodiac.  Thanks to Arian Stevens Photography for allowing me to geek out by still being up on Stones Throw’s site.

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